BOLD GRID - Menu Button (no action) with Sub Menu's (with Actions)

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Im trying to create a menu button on the home page with no link, however there are sub-menu which will bring you to the relevant pages. eg:
Our Clients (no action if pressed, however various sub-menus appear, with links to the appropriate page)
It would look look this:

--OUR CLIENTS (if button pressed nothing happens, only submenus appear)
--------APPLE (when pressed links to Apple's page)
--------MICROSOFT (when pressed links to Microsoft's page)
--------NIKE (when pressed links to Nike's page)

For the life of me I c ant figure this out.

PS: Im using a staged site.
IMH Support Agent 5

Thank you for submitting a question about adding a menu item in BoldGrid. The behavior you're seeing with the link of the menu is the default behavior for WordPress. It's possible to change it, but it would require advanced coding modification. It is possible, which is why I would recommend a developer. However, there may be plugins that can achieve the same effect.

You could also consider making the Our Clients button a link to page that lists your clients.

Christopher M.