I keep getting "Invalid Domain Name"

  • Answered
Changed my primary domain to a new one, but I keep getting an "Invalid domain name" from the dialogue box. The new domain suffix is ".design", a new domain created by Porkbun, a domain registrar based in Portland.
Hello, Sorry for the trouble with changing your primary domain to a new one. If you did change the primary domain, you would need to make a request for the change since the account is based on the previous name. You can find information on this process here: How to change the main domain on my account. Note that since you're using a TLD of ".design" you would need to change the name servers of that domain to point to our hosting service. If our documentation doesn't cover how the name server change is made in your domain registrar's interface, then you will need to see their documentation for further detail. Remember that any DNS change (including name server changes) may require up to 24 hours before the change is recognized on the internet. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.