Contact 7 Not Working on all my sites

  • Answered
The most recent update a month or so ago on Contact form 7 causes an error on all 20+ websites I have hosted. There aren't any individual plugin settings that I can adjust and it has nothing to do with any issues with other plugins. Do you know anything about this and/or where can I go in the control panel to adjust settings that would affect contact forms on my site? Thanks in advance for any help.
I found Contact 7's documentation here, in which they provide instructions for modifying the form's configuration. I didn't see a universal plugin settings interface anywhere else in their documentation. Instead, each form you create contains the "Settings" you're asking about, so you'd have to click into the contact form you've created, in order to see the individual configuration. I recommend checking 2 things specifically in the contact form(s). First, ensure you are using an email address that is created with a domain you are hosting on the server for the field "send from". This is one of the recommendations in their documentation that is indeed required. Secondly, be sure to not use SMTP function or any other SMTP WordPress plugin. They do advise to try using SMTP, however, in my experience the mail() funtion configuration always works (if the "send from" email address is set correctly, of course). So ensure the mail() function is what is configured for your forms. Also, you can easily test if your WordPress installation can send emails, which can narrow down where you can further trouble shoot and look for a resolution. You can use the "lost password" link for your site to test that out. If you find that there are issues with that function, you should contact our Live Support, with the details on replicating the error and they can assist you further with your account. Otherwise, if you are able to successfully receive the password reset email from WordPress, then you should review the contact forms individually to ensure they are configured accordingly. If you need help, I would recommend contacting our Live Support, as the public forum here wouldn't be a secure place to exchange the necessary credentials to further trouble shoot this particular issue.