Trying to edit the Call to Action section of the Homepage

  • Answered
Hello Support Person!
I am using the "Uptempo" template in BoldGrid and I am trying to edit the "What We Offer" (GridBlock(?)) that is position just on top of the homepage. It only appears when the homepage is selected but doesn't appear when editing the homepage. I've scoured through the menu items to figure out how to access / edit this but without success.
Please help!
Hello Deston, Sorry for the confusion in trying to edit the "What we offer" section of the home page in the UpTempo inspiration in BoldGrid. This section is not a gridblock, it's a widget below the header of the website page referred to as the "call to action." Please see this BoldGrid support page for further assistance. You can get to that section by going to Customize, then clicking on Widgets and looking at the area below the header. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.