Wordpress Test Pages Before Launch?

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I currently have a very outdated portfolio page. I'm about to get started on designing and launching a new version with a new Wordpress template. However, I would prefer my existing content remain live until I get the new version built and QAed. Is it possible for me to maintain my current Wordpress template live, which activating a second in the backend? If no, any someone please provide me instruction on how to activate the "test" site without causing the existing site to break?
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Need guidance how to test my site before going live? Is there any way I can check my site in different browsers?
Hello, Thanks for the question about creating a test site. There are many ways to do this. Since it appears that you have a theme in mind, then you may want to simply build the site in a subdomain and then use a hosts modification to get to the site. This will allow you point IP of the site to any URL on your computer. You can also setup a WordPress site on your account (under a subdomain name) and change to use the temporary URL provided with each account. If you desire privacy for the site you're building, I highly recommend using a maintenance mode plugin. You can then build your site and no one can view it without your permission. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.
Hello, Thank you for submitting a question about testing your site. The best way to test a site before pointing DNS to it is with a hosts file modification. This is especially valuable for a content management system like WordPress because you can use the proper domain name instead of a temporary URL (which in some cases is not an accurate way to view the site). Best, Christopher M.