second domain redirecting and hosting

  • Answered
Under my current plan, which is hosting a redirected domain... email and managed hosting...
can i do the same for a second domain, hosting email and website?
the second domain will be redirected as well..

Thank you
Tim S.
Good morning, Thanks for your question about adding another domain to your account and redirecting it while managing your email here. I reviewed your account type and you will have no problems ,adding another domain to your account. You can only have one primary domain so you will want to add it as an add-on domain. Once it's added as an add-on domain to your cPanel account, you will need to edit the A record to point the website to somewhere else (or set up a redirect in cPanel). At this point, your website will be pointing or redirecting somewhere else. Then you can go into cPanel and create email accounts for your domain you just added. I hope this helps! Tim S