domain set up in WHM with shared IP points to main domain folder

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I set up a new user and domain in WHM so the user can have cPanel access. It is using the same IP as the main account. Everything set up fine. I can ftp to the new domain and I can access the site at /~ I then set my local PC hosts file so that the domain name would resolve to this IP (so I could test prior to updating DNS). When doing this, the domain points to the main web site that the account was originally set up with at inmotion. In other words, it is resolving to the same thing you get at /~ or for that matter, just the IP address. There obviously needs to be an update to the apache config, but I'm on a reseller account, not a VPS. How would I go about configuring it so the domain points to the right place?

Thanks for your question about making an update to the Apache config for your reseller account. A Reseller account is basically a shared server account where the user has the ability to create cPanel accounts using limited WHM access. ALL cPanel accounts have single user access and also an overall supervisory access (through WHM). Your use of modifying a hosts file is a local change that allows the local computer to identify a request for a domain name with a different IP address so that you can review a website using a specific URL without having to make any changes to the server. This means that you do NOT need to make any changes to the Apache server. This is common practice by developers in order to test sites that are operating with another URL in a production server elsewhere. When you are ready to go live with the site in your reseller server, you would simply change the name servers for the URL to point to InMotion Hosting and the DNS definitions would be coming from this server, not the old one.

Additionally, HTTPD updates with the Reseller account would not be possible as you do not have access. If you do have a specific request, then you would need to submit a support ticket to our live technical support team.

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know!

Arnel C.