Does InMotion have staging capability?

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Does Inmotion hosting have staging capability? I am trying to take some websites from local server to a staging area before putting them up live.

Tim S.
Good morning,

Thanks for your question about staging areas. I'm more than happy to answer your question. So, yes, InMotion Hosting has staging capabilities. We provide every account a temp url. This temp url can be used to set up and stage a site, so it's reachable via the website, without needing your specific domain. Now, using the temp URL may require you to update the settings within your staged website on your local host (depends on how the website was built or what tools/CMS was used). Either way, it's a straght forward process.

You'll want to set up a folder within the public_html folder. Now, copy and move all your files into the folder. If you need to set up a database, you'd do that as well (within cPanel). Then, copy the database from your local host to your new server. At this point , you want to change the database settings within the new staged site. This will point the new site to your new database.

At this point, you should be able to use the temp url to reach the website. It may not function as you still may have to update your site url settings (depending on the CMS).

I hope this helps!


Tim S
Hello, Thanks for your question about using a staging-to-development environment. InMotion does have the capability to have multiple servers so that you can develop one one and then move the developed site to a final server. However, in general, this is done using a temporary URL that allows you to work on the site through another URL while the main site URL is not yet pointing to the main site. Additionally, if you are developing in WordPress, the BoldGrid plugin that InMotion provides for WordPress allows you to create a Staging site and an Active site that can be different from the Staging Site. Check out deplyong a Staging Site with the BoldGrid plugin.