How to move temporary url site to the main domain site

  • Answered
I made a new WordPress (with a theme from site with the temporary domain given from inmotion and want to make it my main domain site now. My main domain site no longer exists. How do I change it from the temporary url to the main domain?
Hello, Thanks for your question about moving your site from using the temporary URL to using the primary domain name. If you had simply defined the temporary URL for the installation of WordPress, then it's simply a matter of changing it in the WP-CONFIG.PHP file. If you had changed it in the database, then you may need to go into the database using phpMyAdmin and make changes directly. Additionally, your WordPress files may be in a different location. If you want them to be located in the folder where the primary domain files typically default, then you may need to move the files using either the cPanel File Manager or an FTP client of your choice. For information on how to change your temporary URL, please see Changing the Site URL and Home Settings. Note that you can leave your WordPress files in a different location it's not necessary to move them. However, if you do want them to be in the default primary domain location, then they need to be in the root of the PUBLIC_HTML folder. If you log in to cPanel and then go to File Manager, then it's a quick and easy move. Follow these steps to move the files:
  1. Login to the cPanel and then go to File Manager
  2. Locate the folder where you installed WordPress. If your files are at the root of PUBLIC_HTML folder then you don't need to move them.
  3. If the files are in a folder under the public_html folder, then the path will be something like this: public_html/wp. Double-click on the folder to drill down to the files.
  4. Click on Select All at the top of the of the File Manager (in the menu bar).
  5. Click on Move
  6. You will see a dialog window appear with a path. By default, it will show the current path. The cursor will be blinking at the end of the path. Backspace over the folder until you only have PUBLIC_HTML left (everything to the right of it should be removed
  7. Click on Move File(s)
Once that is done, then your files are moved into the root of the PUBLIC_HTML folder. Moving a WordPress site is similar to migrating it from one location to another. For the complete steps for a migration, please see Migrating a WordPress site to InMotion. Make sure to double-check all of your file paths and settings. Finally, reset your permalink settings. This should make sure that the correct paths are written to your database. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.