Sub Domain Development Before Transfer

  • Answered
I am taking on responsibility for another domain from another person for our club. I have created the sub domain and installed WordPress for that domain. The other person is a busy doctor and is taking a while to get the transfer initiated. We would like to have this website relaunched for an event in two weeks, so I want to get it developed as much as I can so that it will be ready when we point the additional domain to the InMotion servers. Is there a way to develop this sub domain in a staging area without the domain being pointed, so that I am not severely impacted by the tardiness in getting the transfer done?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding developing a subdomain before transferring. Yes, you can develop the site on your server, and access it using a host file modification until they point the domain. It should point to the Shared IP for your server. For example, you could add the following host file mod: Thank you, John-Paul