Pointing 3rd party domain to addon domain

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I have a Shared plan w inmotion. I created an addon domain in my inmotion cpanel and the addon domain is marketing.mmparrish.com (which is a subdomain of mmparrish.com which is another website altogether, which I do not host). Our IT guy has control of the domain (mmparrish.com) and has now pointed marketing.mmparrish.com to (by using an A Record in his domain panel) because I thought that would make the site go live. But it didn't. I do have my Addon Domain setup correctly, I think... I have it pointed to the root folder I chose, which is inside of my public_html folder. So to make a long story short(er) lol, I need marketing.mmparrish.com to point to here (my temp address) http://ecbiz230.inmotionhosting.com/~joshal5/mmmp/ or here, with is just my primary domain with my subfolder: http://joshalterman.com/mmmp/ Do I need to make a change in Cpanel, or does my IT guy need to do something differently? Or both?
Hello jalterman,

Thank you for your question about hosting addon domains. It is possible there is a temporary issue with the propagation time. It can take between 4-24 hours for a DNS change to propagate. Is mmparrish.com set up as a standalone addon domain in your cPanel?

Christopher M.