"Catch All" e-mail address

  • Answered
We are moving over to InMotion Hosting and have begun setting up our e-mail accounts. Our old host gave us the ability to set up a "catch all" e-mail address to grab all the oddball e-mails coming to our domain. Their setup was simply *@ourdomain.com. This was convenient for grabbing e-mails sent to a ex-employee, or a misspelling by the sender, etc. Does InMotion Hosting offer something comparable?
The arguments of Spam sound grand, but are just not true based on my 10 year experience when I create site-specific emails like [email protected] It is a deal breaker for me. I've just cancelled the inmotion account and moved to siteground.com that is happy to support Catch All / Default Address on their shared hosting. I suggest everyone with this issue do the same until inmotion starts listening to their customers.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding a catch-all email. By design, the catch-all is set to :fail: on Shared/Business servers in order to prevent spammers from sending large amounts of unwanted mail to you. This means our servers do not allow you to set your own default address to prevent spam overflow, so we recommend using forwarders or filters to route your mail instead. Thank you, John-Paul