Is the SSL certification included into the launch plan?

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Hello, Is the SSL certification included into the launch plan?
When people register for any purchase they enter their e-mails and then comes a note saying that this is not a secured site. How can we make this warning disappeared from our site to make sure our friends feel secured?

Thank you
Hello, Sorry for the problems with the SSL warning that's showing every time your clients are accessing their emails. The Launch Plan does NOT come with a specific SSL certificate, though there is a shared server SSL available for use if needed. However, the easier way to avoid this issue is to simply use a different link. For example, if your domain is, then you can give them a URL of Or, if you want to secure your domain name, then you need to purchase an SSL certificate in order to secure it. If you don't mind using the server name (which you can find in your AMP -technical info page. You can use the direct server name with the shared server SSL and it will be secure. For example: or That is the other way to make sure mail server works with your aa