Want to make changes in my Site Header's font/size.

  • Answered
Hi. I am currently using Premium Web Builder. I have tried many times to change the font/size of the header on my site. make the changes in the style:css file (through cPanel). After I make the changes and refresh my site page, the changes are there. But if I have to make changes on the site through Premium Web Builder and then publish my site, my css changes disappear the the heading goes back to the original setting. Is there a way I can change the header font/size and make it stick? Thanks.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your site header font size on your site. The issue is that any changes you make on your server are overwritten by the Premium Website Builder server when you publish. It completely replaces all the site files. It is fine to adjust the css or even the php files on your sever as long as you understand you will need to re-adjust them after publishing the site.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M