Problem enabling Friendly URL in Prestashop

  • Answered
We're facing problem in enabling Friendly URL in Prestashop website. It seems to be a aproblem with the Hosting Server. We currently have host another Prestashop website under Godaddy and the Friendly URL works fine!
There seems to be some issue with Inmotionhosting, maybe something needs to be enabled in the hosting server.


Zak Aly
Hello Zak, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your PrestaShop friendly URLs. I am not having issues with getting them to work on our servers. This would be account specific. You should be sure to turn on your error reporting for PrestaShop to see what errors it is throwing. Once you have the errors, contact Live Support and they can assist you with your account settings. There will not be any server-wide settings that can be changed on a shared server. Kindest Regards, Scott M