Boldgrid - can't make 2 side-by-side columns the same length

  • Answered
I can't make 2 side-by-side white background columns within a grey background section both end at the same depth at the bottom of the section. One always ends up shorter than the other based on the width of the window I have open. Looks stupid. I need a contrasting background, but that's causing the problem - if they were all the same color, the uneven space at the bottom wouldn't show up. Any fix?
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding making 2 side-by-side columns in BoldGrid. The easiest way may be to make a table containing 2 columns, such as this:

&lttable&gt &lttbody&gt &lttr&gt &lttd&gtLorem Ipsum&lt/td&gt &lttd&gtLorem Ipsum&lt/td&gt &lt/tr&gt &lt/tbody&gt &lt/table&gt

Here is a link to our helpful guide on Adding HTML to a Page/Post. Thank you, John-Paul