Compliance with upcoming EU-law on data protection

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In about a years time a new law on data protection will come in to effect in the whole European Union. This law is called the General Data Protection Regulation (

Under this regulation the exporting of personal data outside of the European Union is illegal unless the country where the data is exported is considered to have a sufficient level of protection for personal data. Essentially there would be two ways for the Inmotion hosting company to be GDPR compliant:

1) Starting a Datacenter in a EU-country
2) Joining the Privacy Shield program (

Since I think you provide high level of support I would wish to be able to remain as a customer. Does Inmotion Hosting have any plans to be compliant with the GDPR?
We certainly appreciate your loyalty as an InMotion Hosting customer. At this time, there are no updates or additional details regarding GDPR compliance.

Thank you for your question about the new EU law for data protection. That may be in the works with our Network and Administration teams, but we do not have any current information on it for public release. I would check back again as the time is closer as then the information would be available on how we will handle it.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M