How Do I Restore a WordPress website Backup?

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Hi there, I'm about to purchase a new Launch Wordpress hosting account with Inmotion on behalf of a client who has a zipped backup copy of their website. How would I go about uploading their zipped website and databases to restore their website on this new inmotion hosting?

Also, do you guys do referral codes for when I recommend inmotion to new clients?


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site restoration from full backup
I have multiple add-on domains contained in the full backup. I open the backup tar.gz file locally and unpack the associated domain files & sql data . I then ftp the files back to the domain folder and use PHPmyadmin to restore the database. Should the site be back online?
Hello jandsc7, Thanks for your question about restoring a WordPress site from backups. It sounds like you have taken all steps correctly. However, you must make sure that your database has been imported properly and is linked to your WordPress installation. What kind of error are you currently seeing on the page? For example, is it a 404 error, or the "Error establishing database connection" error? Best, Christopher M.
Hello, Thank you for your question on how to transfer your WordPress site from another host. We have an article that explains how to transfer your WordPress site to our servers. That should get the site up and running without issue. As for referral codes. We do not have those, but we do have an affiliate program that may interest you. Kindest Regards, Scott M