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Good Day,

So i use cpanel and my domain is linked in cpanel but now i want to make 2 sub domains which i can still do no problem, but id like to know is it possible to make a wordpress website that goes uses but it is more of a landing page with 2 options which will redirect you to or ?

If you can please assist me on this or maybe a different way that is easy to host 2 individual sites on one domain, i have noticed some doing and etc but cannot figure that out on wordpress.

Thanks in advance


Thank you for your question on hosting more than one WordPress site on a single domain. Yes, you can host WordPress sites in as many subfolders or subdomains as you like. They would all be separate sites.

You can also make a main page with options to go to one site or another. That would just depend on how you coded that page. We are not able to provide custom coding solutions, however.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M