How to use Facebook App Id, Security Key and Access Token Debugger ?

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Hello ,
As I needed to display facebook likes on a wordpress website, I have created a developer account and page also.
What I did, dozen of times till now:-
1. Created a new App, Copied App ID and App Secret.
2. Choose Platform as website
3. Clicked Access Token Tool -> Granted Access -> User Token (Debug) -> Got 2 months extended token

Still not able to display likes on website..

Always, Grateful and Unconditional Love to this lovely community and supporting staff members.
Thank you

Thank you for your question about displaying Facebook likes on your WordPress site. If your current solution isn't working properly, I would recommend finding a WordPress plugin that is designed to show Facebook likes. If your current solution is a plugin, I would recommend contacting the plugin developer for more assitance, or trying a different plugin.

Casey B.