Subdomain forwarding(not redirection) to another static IP server ?

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Hi All,

I have a question to ask.

Recently, we have created a new subdomain( to our domain ( Our main domain points to a server IP which hosts our website. Our new requirement is to have our subdomain point to another IP server which hosts our crucial enteprise web applications. This new server is currently accessible over the Internet through its public static IP provided by our ISP.

The problem is I can only see Sub-domain redirections in cPanel. With sub-domain redirection, once a user visits our subdomain, it redirects him to the specified URL, changes the URL and reveals our static IP (which is what we want to hide).

So is there a way to permanently associate our sub-domain with this static IP ?

Please correct if I am wrong but what we want may be is an A-record from our sub-domain to this other static IP so that it always hides our static IP. The other reason for this requirement it to allow us have SSL certificate on the new sub-domain.

Please help and advise us to resolve the issue.

Thank you.
IMH Support Agent 5
Hello, Thanks for your question regarding subdomains and redirections. Judging from the goal you're trying to achieve, I agree that the A record may be the best option. In this case, you will want to use the DNS editor in cPanel.
  1. Edit the subdomain records
  2. Change it to an A record
  3. Input the IP as its destination
I hope that achieves the effect you're hoping for. Allow 4-24 hours for domain propagation, just in case. Best, Christopher M.