Outlook & Yahoo Bizmail - Outlook sends but does not receive email

  • Answered
Am having ongoing challenges associated with my Outlook emails via our Yahoo bizmail .

I can currently receive and send emails fine via Yahoo's web portal, as well as my Android, but Outlook is perpetually problematic.

Right now I can send emails, but not receive via Outlook. One fix Yahoo recommends (and has worked for me in the past) is to change settings to "2 step verification" in Yahoo settings, then use the use the Outlook app password it generates. Not helping now....

When I Google "Outlook and Yahoo folks", I see people are experiencing a lot of ongoing issues ever since Yahoo sold to Aabaco. Help?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having troubles with your Outlook receiving email. Without an account on one of our servers, we cannot view any specifics to be able to diagnose the issue. While you can certainly check our article on trouble receiving email to see if any of that helps, but you may need to check with Microsoft support for the Outlook software. Kindest Regards, Scott M