Problems in receiving emails after upgrading to Essential

  • Answered
We did upgrade from Power plan then VPS2000 and finally to Essential plan. Under the new plan, we are having continuos problems in receiving/sending email as our connection to the server times out. It works one time of 10..
Our upgrade was disaster to our 700 users. We didn't have these problems when we were under the Power plan. Made several phone calls to Technical support and raised a ticket with no help. No followup from technical if my issue is resolved. I need to escalate this to their management to resolve my intermittent problem before I make decision to opt out. Do you have a guess why I'm suffering from this upgrade?? and how do I reach technical support management... Thanks. .

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your emails after a dedicated server upgrade. Unfortunately, we are not able to address any account-specific issues here in the live area. Your issue is definitely something that either our Advanced Product Support or possibly Managed Hosting can address. If you call into our support lines, be sure to listen to all options as both departments have their own option number. If you send in a ticket, then it should pass through regular support up to the right department. If you do need to speak with a Support Supervisor, it is best to do so by phone.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M