Cannot save articles in Joomla 3.7 site

  • Answered
I have a site running on Joomla 3.7. I am superuser. Today in administrtaion area when I try to edit article, saved successfully yesterday, I get the following error
_clone method called on non-object
This is the first time I have encountered this.
Editing from front end does work either
I tried other articles and get the same error. Also I am unable to open a new article for editing.
I found a reference to this error stating it was to do with Menuitem but I couldn't follow the solution, Can anyone advise with possible solution?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Joomla site saving articles. That error is code specific, and it not server related. You may want to try the longshot of changing your PHP version to see if that helps. If not, the best place to get help for Joomla code errors is the Joomla forums. Kindest Regards, Scott M