VPS with Continues Integration form Gitlab

  • Answered

I am setting "Continues Integration" form gitlab in my VPS but I have a problem. The firewall blocked the job because It need to authorize an IP. Gitlab for each job make a different container, maybe with different IP. How can I disable temporarily the firewall? and then How can I enable?.

Or please if you have another solution, let me know.

Thank you so much.
Hello, Thank you for your question about temporarily disabling your firewall. Please keep in mind that we do NOT recommend disabling your firewall, as this can leave your server vulnerable to attacks. However, we also understand that sometimes this is unavoidable. A better option would be to add the remote IP that you wish to allow via the command "apf -a REMOTEIPADDRESSGOESHERE" You should be able to temporarily shut off the firewall by logging into your server via SSH as root, and issuing the command "apf -f" When you are done, you can restart it with "apf -r" Gratefully, Casey B.