How to update htaccess file to include rewriteBase rule

  • Answered
I'm trying to setup the option to use SEO URLs in my AbanteCart store, but am unsure how to update the htaccess file. The help blurb for AbanteCart states "if AbanteCart not installed in the root of the domain must be changed rewriteBase rule inside .htaccess file".

Also, I changed the setting for SEO URLs to be "on", and when trying to access any products I get a 404 not found page. When I change the setting back to "off", my products load correctly.



Thank you for your question regarding updating your .htaccess file. It's not exactly clear what changes you want to make, but here is a link to our guide on editing your .htaccess file.

We also have a helpful guide on how to find the document root of your website.

Be sure to clear your cache in AbanteCart, and your browser before testing your SEO URL changes.

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