Problem with upgrade to Joomla 3.7

  • Answered
I upgraded to joomla 3.7 and following message appeared on the front end "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare virtuemartBuildRoute() (previously declared in /home/trende9/public_html/components/com_tcpdf/router.php:23) in /home/trende9/public_html/components/com_virtuemart/router.php on line 293". My site is lost. Please help restore it.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are getting an error with your Joomla 3.7 site. Doing a Google search on that error, it appears to be related to VirtueMart. The Joomla forum post regarding the error suggests to ensure you have that updated to the current version. If so, you should be able to rename the router.php file and that should take care of the issue. Kindest Regards, Scott M