E-Commerce Site Vs Shopify

  • Answered
I purchased a plan thru inmotion because I couldn't figure out how to create and email with my shopify acct. inmotion seems easier and more technical at the same time. Would it be smart to have both? is it necessary? Can I create a website and webstore with billing capabilities thru inmotion alone where I would be able to cancel my shopify and use inmotion for my sole enterprise? sorry I'm a little tech unsavy
Hello, Thank you for your question on hosting your website here as an ecommerce site vs using Shopify. Yes, you can certainly set up your site to be an ecommerce site on our services. One of the more common and easy setups is to use WordPress to create the site and add the WooCommerce plugin to add the store functionality. We have many articles for both products and you can always ask questions here as well. We are here to help! Kindest Regards, Scott M