550 Ip frequency limited

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When we send e-mails to domain tongshang.com, we get a hard bounce 550 Ip frequency limited

I have searched the issue and it is apparently something that happens with QQ mail servers. They have the following to say.
550 Ip frequency limited
The reason for the error : the server IP transmission frequency exceeds Tencent mailbox limit.

Tencent mailbox from the same IP external server has a certain frequency limit:
1, more than every minute traffic limit, this IP address is forbidden to send a few minutes.
2, more than the hourly traffic limit, this IP address is forbidden to send a few hours.
3, more than the daily traffic limit, this IP address within this day to prohibit the re-letter.
4, the above frequency limit value belongs to Tencent mailbox confidential data, is not open.

IMPROVED RECOMMENDED : If you are an administrator of the server IP, pause the server IP's write, and then lower the frequency to retry the message.
If you are a personal email user, please report this to your email provider.

Please note. I am able to send e-mail to this domain using a GMail account. Can you help?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are receiving the IP frequency limited message when sending an email. For assistance with account specific email issues, you will need to submit the request to our Live Support. You can use either email, call, or chat. The Live Support team may be able to assist with the account specific issue regarding the email. Kindest Regards, Scott M