What is best approach for Multitheme WordPress Sites

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I want to build a site where different pages have a different look, feel and features (hereafter, called "setting") using WordPress. I have used WP in the distant past, and have a general feel for how it works. I'm trying to get reoriented.

The options appear to be to install a plug-in/third-party package designed to support MultiTheme design, or set up multiple instances of WordPress for each different setting.

(A simple example of what I want to do might be to have a home page (with strong eye-catching visuals), a blog (where the emphasis would be on readability and accessibility of past articles) and a gallery space (unencumbered by the branding of the home page and the widgets used for internal search and navigation in the blog.)

Any ideas will be deeply appreciated.

Thanks for the question about multi-theme WordPress sites. WordPress sites operate on a 1 theme per installation basis. You can play with that theme however you want, but it's still only a single theme for the site. You can get different plugins or themes that allow you control how you build your site. You can also setup a "network" of WordPress sites (what they used to call "multisite"). They do have some themes that also support multiple WordPress installed with one database. You would need to check on the theme for support. I hope this helps to provide some information - there are far too many themes and plugins to really single out one to match up to what you're talking about. Try going to the WordPress.org website for more specific information.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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Arnel C.