Change Database server setting

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Hi there,

I checked in phpmyAdmin that "Server: Localhost via UNIX socket". Any other settings rather than "Localhost". I am asking cuz some Paypal callback can't be passed back and I am advised not to set localhost:

"When a payment is completed, PayPal makes an IPN callback to ABPro that initiates the booking finalization, setting booking and payment status and sending out confirmation emails.
If the status stays as pending that indicates the PayPal IPN was unable to get through to your site.
Ensure you are not running from 'localhost' as ABPro needs to pass a valid internet visible URL to PayPal for the IPN to use."

Please shed some light~ Thanks!

Thank you for your question regarding not using database services on localhost. Yes, it is possible to use a different hostname. Using localhost is generally considered more secure, but if you require a different setting it is possible to change this only in a VPS/Dedicated server environment. Making more specific changes to the database is not permitted in Business Class or Reseller hosting plan.

However, it may be best to check with PayPal support regarding whether you can use the server hostname in the database queries instead of localhost.

Christopher M.