I can't tell if my SSL is working ... it appears that it is not.

  • Answered
I installed a SSL that I purchased on GoDaddy. If I type the S into the browser, it works: https://www.rachelslist.co.nz. However, the little i in a circle still appears that says my site is unprotected. Is it not installed correctly?
Hello rachelbstephens, Thank you for your question on why your SSL appears to not be working. It is actually working, but there are issues on your site that cause it to read as 'not fully secure'. You will need to address those in order for the padlock to appear and display your site as 'fully secure'. You can check your site at WhyNoPadlock. It will scan your site and give you the reasons it is not showing the padlock. Specifically, it appears your images are not being called securely. They are called using the http:// protocol and not the https:// protocol. This will cause the padlock to not display on your site. Kindest Regards, Scott M