Problem after adding second domain name

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I am experiencing problem after adding second domain. My site worked fine. Then i bought a second domian - First i made it as add-on domain and made a redirection from to It worked in general, but when opening site was not working correctly in some moments (as i can tell in javascript, but i am not sure). That was not enough for me and i had an idea to make the primary domain. I made it through a "change the primary domain" option in AMP. And both domain adresses stopped to work. I reached the tech support and they explained me to move files from public_html to subfolder. I did that and had no help. I reached the tech support once again and they told me to change wp-config.php (yes, i have installed Wordpress).


It did not help, but both sites stopped to work. Also, i noticed that i did not copy but moved files from one folder to another. I was afraid that i broke something and tried to restore site from database and files backups, that i made previously. It did not help, or maybe even worsen the situation (i dont understand which folder was restoring exactly).

So, now i have wordpress copy in public html (now i made a copy) with default wp-config and wordpress copy in with corrected wp-config and they both do not work.

Hello Zhemchugov, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your addon domain. Currently, I cannot see the addon domain as being added to the server. You will need to ensure it is added to the cPanel. Then we can assist with any other issue that occurs once that first step is completed. As for the current primary domain name. When disabling the plugin folder, the site comes up. This means that one of the plugins is causing the site to not display. You will need to disable each plugin one at a time and test the site. Once you disable a specific plugin and the site displays, you will have found the plugin causing the error and can deal with it. Normally this means updating or removing it from your site. Kindest Regards, Scott M