WHMCS and ENOM api User not permitted from this IP address (Solution)

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Just in case you try to setup enom api via WHMCS and you get the message "User not permitted from this IP address" even if ENOM has whitelisted your IP, keep in mind that your dedicated IP is not the one that is doing the request to ENOM'S api servers, so follow this steps.
1.- Enter http://ipinfo.info/html/ip_checker.php
2.- Type the WHM domain you access from (the one assigned by inmotion) ie. secure189.servconfig.com.
3.-Click "Go" Button
4.-This is the real IP that does the request, this problem is pretty common with inmotion customers as I did after thousands of tickets between enom and Inmotion to get this to work.
5.-Make sure you provide ENOMS via support ticket this IP so they can whitelist you, also try the API test with the IP and you will confirm this will work.

Hope this information is useful for the community, it tooks me days to find out the cause.

Hello chrisancar,

Thank you for sharing this information here in the forums. Also here is our full guide on How to Connect WHMCS to your eNom Reseller Account.

Thank you,