I want to more my open cart from the root directory to a sub-directory

  • Answered
I have my open cart installed in the domain root directory, and I want to move it from the root to a sub directory
I have copied all the OC files to the Sub directory, then chnaged the config.php in the Upload and Upload/admin directories to reflect the new path.
I go to my browser, input the new URL and the cart displays perfectly well with the new sub Dir in the URL. until I click on a product and it then displays the product page but with the old root dir in the url. So I think I still need to change something somewhere but not sure where? I have been into the cart admin and ensured that the new URL is in the store settings. but still the same.
Any help greatly appreciated. Llewellyn

Hello Llewellyn,

Thank you for your question about moving OpenCart to a sub-directory. Which variables specifically did you update in your config.php file? Did you also update the config.php file in your admin folder? Was the 'HTTP_SERVER' variable one of the ones that you updated? Have you cleared your browser cache, and cookies? What version of OpenCart are you using?


Casey B.