WooCommerce Inventory - Disable "In Stock" on the front end

  • Answered
Hi, I want to manage my stock/inventory via my site but I don't want the any reference to 'In Stock', 'Out of Stock', 'Low Stock', etc to show against my products. I have googled the instructions but I can't seem to turn off visibility without having to turn off the 'manage stock' in the product inventory.

Currently I have no stock amounts held against my products, if I switch on 'Enable stock management at product level' and add 10 items in stock, when I view the product it shows as 'in stock'. I've been into WooCommerce, Settings, Products, Inventory and changed the 'Stock Display Format' to 'Never Show Stock Amount' - Save changes. If I go back to the product 'In Stock' is still showing.
Is there anyway to disable this on the front end but leave the ability to manage the inventory in the backend?

Any help would be appreciated....


Thank you for your question about disabling the 'in stock' text on your products that have a limited number of items. It appears that WooCommerce does not have an option for completely disabling this text. To remove it, you would have to edit the core WooCommerce code, or simply not enable stock management for that particular product.

Casey B.