How Do I Confirm My Order to Activate My Account?

  • Answered
This message was sent to my mail

"Our staff has been trying to contact you over the telephone in order to verify your account signup for However, we have not been able to reach you at +####.

Please call our sales team as soon as possible at 888-321-4678 x1"

When I call the number that they indicated to me (888-321-4678), it tells me a marked number does not exist
From what I see, it will not be possible to activate my account.

Now my query is: since my account can not be activated, like
The status of my order (purchase order) remains, it is automatically canceled
And I do not proceed to collect my debit card. How does it work
Explain to me

Thank you
Hello oscarpari, Thank you for your question about confirming your account. I have asked our confirmations team to call you again sometime today. However, if you don't hear from them, please feel free to call (757) 416-6575 rather than the 888 number. The 888 number only works within the United States. Having said that, if your account is not able to be confirmed, your debit card will be refunded automatically after some time. Gratefully, Casey B.