New add-on domain, installed BoldGrid, getting 403 Error

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I have created a new add-on domain, installed Boldgrid successfully, but i am getting a 403 error, access forbidden.

Error pages show that the site is looking for a "Main.php" file, which doesn't exist in Boldgrid. If I change the index.php to main.php, it will open. But i can't access any other folders, such as wp-admin. It gives me the same error. I am running another program in the Main Domain and it uses a main.php file.

Do I need to add something to the .htaccess to make the add-on domain look only to its file?



Hello Bill, Thank you for your question regarding a 403 error on a new addon domain. I recommend checking your .htaccess file first. Often during troubleshooting, I'll simply rename the .htaccess to .htaccess.old and now I'll reload the website. If the site loads I then know the issue resides in my configuration of the .htaccess file. If it does not fix the issue I was having, I'll rename the htaccess by removing the .old I added to the end. That way, it won't affect my website after I resolve the issue. Thank you, John-Paul