phpmailer running slow can I make it run quicker?

  • Answered
Is there any way to make a phpmailer script to run faster on shared hosting with inmotion hosting? It takes my script about 15 seconds to send the email and I would greatly appreciate a way to help this run quicker. Any help would be appreciated.
Hello, Thank you for your question about speeding up PHP in shared hosting. I regret that your script is not running at optimum speed. We are working every day to make shared hosting as fast as possible while providing fair access to the resources for all users involved. In most cases, a code review can provide significant results. There are certain PHP functions that have been updated over the years to perform faster. Replacing deprecated code wherever possible and upgrading to the newest version of PHP is always recommended. However, a shared environment is not ideal for optimizing PHP to its full potential. You would get a better result with one of our affordable VPS hosting packages. I think you would find the added value worth the upgrade price. Best, Christopher M.