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I don't want word press as my site but I started there. I thought I'd transferred to Inmotion but now I'm confused and a bit frustrated. Am I missing a section that deals specifically with migrating my mostly non-existent website? When I put in my domain I get the very first thing (online) I did before signing up with you. I initially used their free tools but now don't use anything. Ideally, I'd like any association with word press to go away entirely and deal with you using your tools, etc. I'm willing to bet this is easier to do than I'm making it (I hope.)

Help! & Thanks!

Hello, Thank you for your questions on site migration and working with other builder tools. I can see your site is indeed pulling from our server, meaning that the site you see was migrated from your previous host. You are always welcome to delete your site files and start over. You can find instructions in our article about removing your site via Softaculous. Our specific web building tool is called BoldGrid, which runs off of WordPress, so it is still a WordPress site, but with additional features to make it easier to use. You can also look through the Softaculous installer tool and install any of the 300+ programs that fit your needs. Kindest Regards, Scott M