SSL Certificates Purchased from InMotion Hosting

  • Answered
1. What trust level do your certificates provide -- DV, OV or EV?
2. We have shared hosting. If we don't want our URLs to look like this -- -- what type of hosting account do we need?
3. What is the total cost for an EV SSL cert, installation and whatever upgrade is required for our hosting account?
Hello, Thank you for your questions on SSL certificates purchased from InMotion Hosting. I will answer yuor questions in the same order. 1. The SSLs we sell directly are all DV SSLs. Thes give the lock in the address bar. 2. When you purchase an SSL, it will work with the domain name, no matter what plan you are on. The shared SSL is there mostly for development purposes and is only on the shared servers. 3. We do not sell the EV SSLs here, however, you can purchase them from another SSL vendor and have us install it. Their prices may vary, so you will want to check with your chosen vendor for pricing. Kindest Regards, Scott M