Disk Space on IMH Server Filling Up

  • Answered
Hi, I have a backup process that is filling my vps to capacity, I am trying to log in via ftp to remove the cpanel backups but when I log in using any of my credentials I do not see the /Backup directory that it should be using.

I have logged in using vps.whatever, ip address and domain name, obviously seeing the same thing each time still not the /Backup directory where all the backups should be.

Any help much appreciated.

Hello mikeand, Sorry to hear you are having issues with the disk space on IMH server. I am not able to determine which site you are referring to as you have multiple cPanels on the server. Also, we are unable to perform any account-specific services here in the public area. You will need to contact Live Support for assistance and they will be able to help identify the accounts you are having issues with, where the backups are, and anything that can be removed to assist you with the disk space issues. Kindest Regards, Scott M