Understanding what I lose if I cancel

  • Answered
My organization has recently moved to a new website platform and we are prepared to cancel our inmotion hosting account. However, I want to be 100% certain that I understand what canceling our account means so that there aren't any bad surprises. Specifically, I want to be sure that I will not lose my domain name or the email services that I currently have. While I am pretty certain that all of my domain-related content is hosted by netregistry, i am confused as to whether or not my email services are with netregistry or inmotion hosting. Thanks.
Hello, Thank you for your questions on canceling. Hosting and domain names are separate items in your account, so canceling the hosting does not cancel the domain name if you wish to retain it. As to your specific situation regarding email services, I cannot advise. There was no information provided that allows me to identify the account. You can check your DNS records for the domain using a DNS lookup site such as MX Toolbox. Be sure to click on the 'MX Lookup' link to see. If the records appear as a server with InMotion Hosting's name, then we are providing the services. If it is the domain name itself, then it will be with the current host. Kindest Regards, Scott M