Slow web site callup times related to server.

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My php database is 5.9Mb (which is small to me). How much faster will my site call up be if I compress it? The average time for this site call up is 14 seconds (way too slow). Most of this is from the server response time (as reported by various sites analytics). I have run through the website optimization recommendations except for CDN (which I don't want), and using static html (which I also don't want), and the last issues seem to be the server slowness. I know, it's a nebulous question...
Hello rcnassoc123, Thank you for your question about slow website 'callup' times. It sounds like you may be getting inaccurate results regarding your server's response time from the 'various sites analytics' I ran a check on a shared server, and saw a minor delay only of 5 seconds for the time-to-first-byte. You may also wish to review this article about why TTFB is misleading by its own measure. Gratefully, Casey B.