What is your data protection policy?

  • Answered
I have read through your terms and conditions and privacy statement, but haven't seen anything that relates specifically to data protection.

Do you adhere to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework Principles issued by the U.S. Department of commerce? If so, is this noted on your website? Alternatively, can you point me to somewhere that I can see:

1. Your policy on keeping our data secure whilst on your servers.
2. Your policy on keeping data secure whilst on backup tapes/devices.
3. Your policy on retention periods for backups.

Many thanks.
Hello, Thank you for contacting support. We make every effort to protect our customers against unauthorized access attempts. We are compliant with security procedures to the extent indicated by the terms of service. For government or medical level compliance it is recommended that you seek a private data infrastructure managed by your organization. Our network consists of general purpose machines configured for web hosting. We do have a backup policy, but we recommend keeping personal backups off server for added security. Best, Christopher M.