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Hi. I purchased a Wordpress theme and had trouble uploading my logo. Customer support for the theme said there was a bug and showed me which bit of code would fix the bug. I found the code, clicked 'inspect/sources', changed the code, clicked 'save', cleared my cache and refreshed the page, but the code did not update. I'm not a coder so I don't know what else to try. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Hello, Thank you for your question on changing your WordPress theme code. If you changed the code by selecting "Inspect/sources" from the browser, then that code will not be saved. It is just a way to test out changes to see how they affect the site. You would need to edit the specific theme file in your account. Theme files are located under the wp_content/themes/ folder. Any changes there are immediate and should show as long as the browser cache is cleared. The theme support folks should have given the specific file to change when they provided the code. Kindest Regards, Scott M