Change sort order of menu drop down from top menu bar

  • Answered
How do I change the sort order of my drop down menu under the Products Tab in my headers?
Right now they are sorted alpha and I do not want them to be alpha but the order I select. In OpenCart I went to Category/Category and change the sort order under the 6 sub categories we have and it will not change the order?

Hello, Thank you for your question about changing the sort order of your menu items. You didn't mention the version of OpenCart that you are using, so these instructions will cover version, but this should apply to many different versions of OpenCart. You will need to login to your admin section, and go to the Categories section, and then click the Pencil icon to edit the menu item you wish to change. You'll need to edit each one-by-one. On the next page, click the Data tab and edit the Sort Order value to be where you want it in the order of your menu. Keep in mind that this field allows for you to set values in a way that can leave room for other, future menu items. I.E. if you have 9 menu items you can make them 10, 20, etc., up to 90 in this example and this will allow you to more easily place new items in between at 44 to be between items 40 and 50, if you wish. Gratefully, Casey B.