We cannot login to Moodle account

  • Answered
Our Moodle version is 5+yrs old and we cannot login anymore to even update the version. How can we access our account--I am the admin and cannot login to make changes/update the software version or have students access the courses.


Thank you for your question regarding issues logging into Moodle. I recommend reviewing anything that was being worked on when this started happening, and possibly reverting the changes, or restoring your site from a local backup.

Since you are running an older version of Moodle, ensure your theme/addons are compatible with the version you are running. Most likely many critical security updates to Moodle, themes, and plugins have been released in the last 5 years.

Check that the PHP version of your account is compatible with your version of Moodle and all themes, plugins, and addons. You can always change the PHP version of your account in cPanel.

Also, here is a helpful link to the official Moodle documentation on login issues.

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