Domain has become un-responsive

  • Answered
Email, website, admin site etc, has all gone down. emails not coming in - unable to view website or access admin page. even from link provided from inmotiohosting amp. It has been this way for a couple of days. we have several domains with IMH. only one seems affected. whats up?
Hello cgpowell, Thank you for your question regarding an unresponsive domain. When I check the DNS of the domain you provided (with a dig), it is not showing anything for the 'A record'. This is causing the site not to resolve to our servers. I reccomend checking your A record exists in cPanel, and possibly removing and re-adding it (should point to your shared IP. If you need assistance with this, Live Support is happy to help you. There was a momentary issue with the AMP login page yesterday, but all issues should now be resolved. I recommend clearing your browser cache and testing again if you are still experiencing problems. Since AMP mostly deals with the billing side of things (and is hosted on a separate server), these issues would not affect your actual website performance. You can still login to cPanel directly to access and modify your hosting environment with these links (be sure to replace with your actual domain name): This is from our full cPanel login guide. Thank you, John-Paul