Godaddy DNS, Inmotion Web Hosting, Office 365 email

  • Answered
My domain is registered with Godaddy, I have signed up for Inmotion webhosting, Office 365 handles our email. When I changed the nameservers to Inmotions, we could not receive any emails so I have changed nameservers back to Godaddy's. I only want to direct website traffic to Inmotion, not email traffic. What do I need to do to achieve this. I looked here and it appears that this is problematic when you have to be HIPAA compliant
What is the correct procedure in this situation. Many thanks, David
Hello David, Thank your for your question regarding DNS configuration. There is not one correct procedure for accomplishing this, but rather there are many different methods. It depends largely on how you have the DNS configured at GoDaddy. Using a combination of A records, MX records, and CNAME records, you can get the desired effect. We have a guide regarding how you can point your DNS to use third party services from the InMotion side. You can apply the same steps from the GoDaddy side. Basically, if you have your MX records pointed Office 365, you should be able to use an A record to point your domain name to InMotion. Best, Christopher M.